Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Beginning

Unfortunately this blog was sparked by a sad moment in the history of music, the passing of Oscar Peterson. I found that my Youtube site could not hold all of the words that I wished to convey, and so, as one very close to the top of the hill, two steps more and I will be over the hill, I followed the advice of a friend and created this blog. I would like it to be confined to jazz, which I love deeply, fell so deeply as soon as I heard Percy Heath walk a bass line that I went home and put all my rock and roll into a drawer and never opened it again. It's love, the real thing, packed with fidelity too. It wasn't long before I discovered Oscar Peterson, which, musically, if Percy Heath is serious dating, listening to Oscar Peterson was the wedding night.

The problem is that although I want to talk about Jazz exclusively, I have a big mouth, and frequently have my own foot for dinner. So if I were a betting man, I'd bet I'm going to make a few mistakes in the realm of tact and manners. I'll just apologize right off. And let's make it a standing apology that you can pull out at any time.

I am also liable to talk about literature, philosophy, politics in the most cynical way, and science. But as we start, I think jazz is the place to begin, and we'll see where that leads. It could lead to science, physics, time, swing, heart, soul. I do plan to write and think across disciplines--which I believe to be modern mythology, as if science and history have no relation, music and language have no relation. They are related, and if you don't have to take a test on a subject, your mind is relatively free to cross from one to the other.

I would like all of this to have a freeing effect on the mind, and greatly increase tolerance of bad jokes--another staple here, like bread sticks at a restaurant chain. Anyone who reads this, thank you in advance. We will make that a standing proposition along with the apologies. Soon to come, essays on Oscar Peterson.

And one last thing. This blog is written in conjunction with my posts on Youtube. This is where the references to videos belong. My Youtube account is entitled Naftali2. It is a collection of great jazz video gleaned from places around Youtube, set up in one location, under the umbrella of some really bad puns. But, I loves dem.

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