Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Toronto Chet Baker Fountain Strikes Again

In their never ending quest to make sure no one gets to see Chet Baker film or video footage, and to make sure no one can hear Chet Baker play or sing, once again the Chet Baker Archives that occasionally pop up on Youtube are being purged--with the note that the Chet Baker foundation is stopping such things from being seen.

Add this to the long list of actions by jazz organizations and musicians who do things against their best interest.

Evidently there must have been a spike in record sales that alerted this fine organization that something is wrong somewhere--and Youtube must be the place.


delta_mike said...

Hate to use the expression "I told you so", but I can't seem to find a more suitable one, so there you go, I told you so!

That being said, I have to congratulate you on the constantly outstanding quality of your writing on matters jazz.

Tom Marcello said...

As a artist manager, I preach the old adage that any advertising is good advertising. I encourage concert sound files to be put on on download sites like dimedozen. and videos like youtube.

What are they protecting, their anonymity?

By the way, it's been fun to browse your blog


Tom Marcello
Manager / Joe Locke

Anonymous said...


error. The Chet Baker foundation had nothing to do with the deletion of Chet's videos at UTube.

Learn more here:

A. Friend

Digirammy said...

I am doing my part to spread the word for Gordin Goodwin. My friends little brother had me listen to 1 of his songs because they played it in the Jazz Group at school and wow! It is available for free download here, just click away and you can hear for yourself.